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Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN) for the Democratic Republic of the Congo
The following notice from the Democratic Republic of Congo is to notify exporters of a CHANGE in requirement when obtaining a FERI.
*No FERI can be validated with a B/L copy or draft. We can only validate the FERI after receiving and uploading the Original B/L with the indication of the vessel's departure date AND the FERI number printed in the body of the Original B/L.

We will provide the FERI number after the receipt of payment. The final validation will be submitted after receipt of the OBL with the required information.
All CTN, FERI, ECTN, BSC applications must be filed within ten days of the vessel sailing from loading port. Failure to file within this ten day period will not insure that the CTN will be validated prior to the vessel arriving at discharge port and subsequently the cargo may be subject to delays and penalties.

The compulsory FERI (Fiche Electronique de Renseignement ŕ I’Importation) certificate requires the submission of the following documents and information to our offices. The cargo interests or FERI requestor has to submit the required documents and info and our firm handles all application process with the DRC. One FERI certificate is required for each bill of lading.

CAUTION – FERI application forms/certificates must be obtained at load country. No applications or FERI Certificates are available at destination
The Democratic Republic of Congo now requires the original bill of lading with the FERI number in its body. They will not allow validation of any FERI that does not have an original Bill of Lading.


You will be required to submit the following:
  • One Copy of the ORIGINAL B/L with FERI number in the B/L

  • One copy of the commercial invoice or bill of sale indicating the value of the cargo

  • Copy of the Freight invoice

  • Full name of the exporter including address, telephone and fax number

  • Full name of the importer/consignee including address, telephone, fax number and email address (EMAIL ADDRESS MANDATORY)

  • Name of the shipping line, vessel, voyage number, estimated sailing date and setimate arrival date at destination

The BIVAC inspection certificate or number is not required to obtain the FERI, Shippers are advised to verify with their consignee or representative at destination of any BIVAC requirements outside the FERI requirement.

We understand that the onboard bill of lading may not be available until after loading of the vessel and some lines require the FERI number prior to release of the onboard bill of lading. To expedite the FERI process we recommend that you arrange for your shipping agent forward to us a copy of the master bill of lading they prepare to present to the shipping line to enable us to start the FERI application process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We can accept a "VERIFY" copy of the bill of lading providing that the final shipping line onboard bill of lading contains no modifications or differences to the "VERIFY" copy. The FERI certificate must be a mirror copy of the onboard shipping line bill of lading. If the differences exist between the bill of lading you submit for the FERI application and the final shipping line onboard bill of lading, the FERI will be invalid and will be like not having the FERI at all as it is not available at destination. Only official validated FERI certificates issued at load country are acceptable at destination.

No FERI numbers will be available until the application process is completed and the FERI invoice payment is received.

As soon as we receive the basic documents and information we shall prepare the FERI invoice as per tariff and forward it to you for payment. The invoice will contain all necessary banking information.



For all following vehicles that since from 2012 had restrictions depending on age of first registration, now 1st year of registration has been extended up to 20 years


Motor vehicles for personal use, which normal usage is transport of person and goods.

Motor vehicles for the transport of people and/or goods of less than 10 places (seats).

Motor vehicles for the transport of people and/or goods of more than 10 places (seats).

Vehicles for the transport of people and/or goods of 3,5 T or more.

Vehicles for professional use with a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes.

Regarding following vehicles there is no restriction, therefore FERI Issuance is always allowed:

Cycles / Mopeds Motorbikes;
Trailer/ semi-trailers / Light semi-trailers;
Vehicles on rail;
Heavy equipment vehicles with double or more axis (eg. 4x4, 6x6, 8x8...) with special equipment
Agricultural tractors;
Civil engineering equipments;



20’: 60,00 €/Unit;
40’: 110,00 €/Unit;
LCL/Genco/Roro: 4,00 €/FT;
Cement / Alimentary / Pharmaceutical
/ Petroleum / Water shipped in bulk: 0.5 €/FT;
All other Bulks: 4,00 €/FT;
FERI Issuance: 50,00 €/Feri;

Bank fees/wire fees and additional services fees may apply


For any further information, you’re requested to contact:

12345 Jones Road, Suite 152
Houston, Texas 77070-4855
Phone: 281-477-3233
Fax: 832-592-9309