January 1, 2019 Marks the Official Launch of AfricaCTN USA

HOUSTON (Jan. 1, 2019) — Today we are excited to launch AfricaCTN USA. By combining Maritrade USA and Commercial International Services, we are able to offer the easiest, most convenient and fastest processing of CTN’s from any load port in the world to all African countries that require CTN’s. No longer will you have to figure out who to contact for your CTN. Just contact us and we will handle the entire process for you.

If you are a freight forwarder or shipper and you have cargo going to Africa, contact us today to simplify your CTN processing. Our state-of-the-art website allows customers easy access to an on-line quoting tool and a tool for submitting your requests online. It also provides information for all African countries, their requirements and complete details about the process to acquire the CTN. Visit our website today to check out all of the new features. We hope to hear from you soon.

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