The Ghana Revenue Authority/Ministry of Finance declared that as of 2018 all sea cargo arriving in their country must have a Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) or Cargo Tracking Notre (CTN). Some shipping lines may not load cargo without the CTN number. Cargo arriving without a Cargo Tracking Note may be subject of fines and delays.

Cargo Tracking Notes will not be issued at discharge port.


  • Submit the required documents by email or online submission.
  • You will be sent an invoice, typically within the same day.
  • Once your payment has been received, a pre-validation will be sent with assigned CTN# to be added to your Bill of Lading.
  • You must lastly send the updated Bill of Lading with the addition of CTN number to obtain final validation.


Once we receive the documents, we will send an invoice for fees. Once payment is received, please allow up to 48 hours for pre-validation with CTN# to be released by CTN Ghana. The final validation will be released upon receipt of the updated Bill of Lading with addition of CTN number.

Ghana requires that all applications for the ECTN be completed and validated within 5 calendar days after the start of the application process. If applicant fails to provide all documents and completes the process within 5 days after start of the application, the application will be TIMED-OUT. Once application is timed out, shipment becomes subject to an Amendment Penalty. Failure of the Exporter to provide all required documents within the 5 days will be responsible for the Amendment Penalty.

Please note that the ECTN process will not be started until all above items above are received.

Strongly suggested that the shipper provide all documentation and payment soonest accurate documents are available. This will allow sufficient time for validation prior arrival at discharge port.

Below are the required documents for this certificate:

– Bill of Lading
– Commercial Invoice
– Freight Invoice (required if the freight amount is not specified on commercial invoice)
– Customs Export Declaration (optional)
– Packing List
– Harmonized (HS) Code (Multiple HS codes can be provided)

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7.1.2018 — Effective with Bill of Lading Date July 1, 2018, The Republic of Ghana will require that all cargo destined for Ghana be covered by an ECTN obtained at loading port. The ECTN has special provisions that only allow a strict time period that the ECTN must be validated. See details on the Ghana page in this web site.

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3.1.2015 — Effective March 1, 2015 Ghana Shippers Authority under the authority of Regulations # L.I. 2190 by the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana will require “Advance Shipment Information” (ASHI) document, validated at the loading port, covering each Bill of Lading for maritime shipments arriving at the seaports of Ghana. The ASHI will be mandatory for all imports into Ghana effective Bill of Lading date 1st day of March 2015.

The validated ASHI document is a requirement for all cargo clearance through Customs at the seaports of Ghana. Any shipment not accompanied by a validated ASHI document CANNOT be cleared through Customs and the appropriate penalties as enshrined in the law shall apply.

All Shipping Lines operating to the seaports of Ghana are required to quote the validated ASHI number on its Bill of Lading and cargo manifested issued in respect of cargo shipped to the seaports of Ghana.

ASHI validations can be requested through Commercial International Services LLC.

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