2.4.2016 — NOTICE TO AUTO SHIPPERS TO TOGO EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 4, 2016 — Togolese Authority has ordered that every vehicle destined for Togo must have a separate and individual ECTN certificate. As example, a container containing three vehicles must have three separate ECTNs. Each vehicle will be billed separately under the Togolese tariff. If containers contain cargo in addition to the vehicles, an additional ECTN is also required for the container.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: TOGO CARGO TRACKING NOTE (ECTN) CHANGES EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 4, 2016 — The Togolese Government has announced that effective today February 4, 2016 a temporary tariff adjustment for all ECTN. The new rates are applicable only from February 4, 2016 through February 29, 2016.

Tariffs are valid until February 29th 2016 only – beginning March 1st a revised tariff structure will be put in place. Please contact our office, info@africactn.com for updated pricing that will be valid as of today, February 4th until February 29th.

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