AfricaCTN is the Authorized Agent for Angola

AfricaCTN LLC is now the Authorized Agent for ARCCLA – Agencia Reguladora de Certificação de Cargas e Logistica de Angola for the issuance of the Electonic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) for Angola. The document has been required since 28/01/1994 (Decree nr 19/94) for all maritime shipments going to Angola.

“We are pleased to add the country of Angola to our growing list of African countries that we serve.”  AfricaCTN President, Chris Russell said. “We have been working to become the Authorized Agent for Angola and on October sixth it all came together.”

Angolan officials felt AfricaCTN LLC was a good fit to take on the duties as their Authorized Agent.  AfricaCTN has shown impressive expertise and proven their capabilities with many other African countries over the years.  Angola joins the list of 23 other African countries that AfricaCTN proudly serves.

AfricaCTN is focused on simplifying the ECTN process for companies shipping goods into Africa. We offer the most convenient and fastest processing of CTN’s from any load port in the world to. AfricaCTN’s biggest benefit is that customers no longer have to figure out who to contact for their CTN needs. They can just contact AfricaCTN who will handle the entire process for them.

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Effortlessly upload your documents and seamlessly track the progress of each CTN. Access the history of all your CTNs in a single location for easy reference.


We take pride in being the authorized agent for 15 African countries. We also provide dependable CTN services to all African nations that require a CTN.


AfricaCTN is the only provider of cargo tracking notes that actively utilizes artificial intelligence to improve the speed and accuracy of CTN submissions.


We offer unparalleled customer service and will guide you through the CTN process. Call now, and we will provide you with the assistance you need.

“As a pioneer in the CTN industry, AfricaCTN has been committed to providing efficient and reliable service for over 15 years. Our success is rooted in our extensive experience and dedication to meeting the needs of our valued customers.”
Chris Russell